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Situated in downtown Austin, The Escape Game stands as the premier destination for escape rooms and immersive adventures. Their remarkable experiences unfold like Hollywood blockbusters, filled with unexpected twists, turns, and astonishing surprises at every corner.

Within a span of 60 minutes, these captivating adventures bring epic stories to life through a unique and engaging tactile encounter. Here’s how it works: You and your team collaborate to discover clues, overcome challenges, and ultimately accomplish a mission. Successful escape necessitates teamwork, effective communication, sharp intellect, an adventurous spirit, and above all, your active participation.

The Escape Game offers an extraordinary experience for everyone, from groups of friends and families to thrill-seeking tourists and team-building outings. By creating the most accessible and immersive escape rooms in the world, The Escape Game ensures heightened excitement and inclusivity, granting every individual a chance to be the hero of the day. Furthermore, all adventures are designed to be completed within an hour, allowing you to save the day and still make it to dinner on time.

Select Your Escape

  • Prison Break

Transport yourself back to the year 1955. Falsely accused of a crime, you find yourself sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Your new “home” is a cell once occupied by an inmate who mysteriously vanished… or did he? Some claim he managed to escape, while others believe he fell victim to the notoriously ruthless warden. The truth remains elusive. Can you escape before suffering the same fate?

  • Gold Rush

For close to two centuries, the allure of gold has enticed countless individuals to the hills of Northern California. No one was more captivated by this dream than Clyde Hamilton, a greedy gold prospector with a penchant for gambling. Clyde’s insatiable appetite for bets eventually led him astray, and now he has disappeared. You have received a tip regarding the location where he hid his gold, but be warned, the mob is also hot on the trail. Can you find the treasure before they do?

  • The Heist

Prepare yourself for an exhilarating challenge of outsmarting a master thief at his own game. A renowned piece of artwork has been stolen, and it falls upon your covert team to recover this invaluable masterpiece. Successfully accomplishing your mission would transform you into national heroes. However, should you fail, you will face the consequences of being treated as common criminals by the authorities. Good luck!

  • Classified

You and your team serve as members of an international anti-terrorist organization and have been assigned a critical covert mission. Your objective is to halt a major international terrorist threat by gathering crucial information about the impending attack. In this thrilling and high-stakes endeavor, the onus is on you to delve into the minds of the masterminds and infiltrate their nefarious scheme.

  • Playground

Today marks the final day of the school year, signaling the commencement of the annual Summer Kickoff Kickball Tournament. Your team is pitted against your arch-rivals, the 5th Graders, and winning is your ultimate goal. However, there’s a problem—your team is still trapped in class. To be granted permission to leave, you must diligently complete all your assignments and secure your final report card. The tournament begins in just one hour, and failure to make it in time will result in forfeiture. So, quicken your pace, work swiftly, and kick off your summer as champions!

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