Hamilton Pool

Discover the captivating Hamilton Pool, an exquisite swimming oasis nestled in the picturesque Hill Country, just 20 miles west of Austin along Highway 71. This natural swimming pool is a stunning result of a collapsed grotto, fed by a majestic 60-foot waterfall. The rock formation provides a one-of-a-kind backdrop to the refreshing, azure water that gracefully flows through a magical creek, lined with enchanting trees, until it reaches the Pedernales River.

Swimming is permitted only when the water quality meets rigorous safety standards, which are diligently monitored on a regular basis. To obtain the most up-to-date information on park conditions, please call 512-264-2740 and listen to the park’s telephone recorder message. You can also visit the Travis County Parks Page for further details. Kindly note that reservations are now mandatory for park entry, and the current entrance fees are listed below.

Entrance Fees:

  • Vehicle Entrance Fee: $12 (maximum of 1 vehicle and 8 people)
  • Adult (13 to 61 years old): $8 per person
  • Senior (62 years old and above): $3 per person
  • Child (12 years old and younger): Free of charge

Guided Hiking Tips for Hamilton Pool, Austin

Embark on a memorable hiking adventure as you explore the well-marked trail that leads from the parking lot to Hamilton Creek. Once you reach the creek, you have two trail options: the path to the right will take you to the pool, while the trail to the left will guide you downstream to the scenic Pedernales River. Along the way, immerse yourself in the beauty of the grotto and the surrounding areas, teeming with magnificent bald cypress trees, lush and diverse plant communities, and an array of captivating wildlife species.

The hike from the parking lot to the pool covers approximately half a mile round trip, while the hike along the creek from the pool to the river spans about three-quarters of a mile, resulting in a round trip of 1.5 miles from the parking lot.

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Hamilton Pool Rd Map

  • Address: 18619 Hamilton Pool Road
  • Call: (512) 854-7275

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