Captivating Sunset and Sightseeing Tours at Lady Bird Lake

Lady Bird Lake gracefully winds its way along the outskirts of downtown Austin, offering an array of vibrant hike and bike trails that buzz with energy. This picturesque water body is not only known for its natural beauty but also serves as a captivating home to the enchanting Congress Bridge Bats. Various tour companies in the area provide exciting boat and kayak excursions for bat watching, allowing visitors to witness this extraordinary phenomenon.

For detailed information about these bat watching tours, feel free to delve into the realm of bat-centric adventures here. However, when the bats temporarily depart from the scene, these tour companies adapt their offerings to provide captivating sightseeing tours instead. These tours, though bereft of the bat spectacle, remain immensely popular, affordable, and rank among the finest tour experiences in Austin.

Capital Cruises

Capital Cruises stands as a reputable tour provider, presenting visitors with a delightful Sunset and Sightseeing tour during the evenings on weekdays. Moreover, on weekend afternoons, they offer an equally enchanting Sightseeing tour. For those seeking a more immersive experience, Capital Cruises organizes Kayak tours from Thursday to Saturday afternoons. Beyond these public tours, the company also extends its services to host private dining cruises catering to both small and large groups.

For an in-depth exploration of what Capital Cruises has to offer, feel free to peruse the comprehensive details provided here. To check the booking calendar, simply click the button below.

Experience the Capital Cruises Sightseeing Tour on Lady Bird Lake

Lone Star Riverboats

Lone Star Riverboats, another prominent tour company, invites visitors to partake in a captivating sunset cruise during the evenings from Friday to Sunday. Additionally, they offer two delightful Sightseeing tours on weekend afternoons. For those seeking a touch of magic, a special Moonlight cruise is available on Friday nights, allowing guests to bask in the serene ambiance under the moonlit sky.

Discover more about the mesmerizing experiences offered by Lone Star Riverboats by exploring the information provided here. To check the booking calendar, simply click the button below.

Live Love Paddle

Renowned as the masters of kayaking in Austin, Live Love Paddle introduced the original kayak bat watching tour several years ago. Later on, they crafted the Urban Kayak Tour, specifically designed for those seeking adventure during the afternoons, accommodating individuals with different schedules.

The Urban Kayak Tours operate throughout the year, weather permitting. To delve deeper into the world of Live Love Paddle and their thrilling offerings, take a moment to peruse the detailed information available here. To check the booking calendar, simply click the button below.

Note: It’s important to note that availability of tours and schedules may vary. It is advisable to check the respective booking calendars for the most up-to-date information.

Lady Bird Lake Sunset and Sightseeing Tours Gallery

  Lady Bird Lake Sunset and Sightseeing Tours

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