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About Lustre Pearl

Lustre Pearl, established in 2009, holds the distinction of being the first bar to open its doors on Rainey Street. This charming establishment boasts a welcoming interior and ample outdoor seating. Patrons can enjoy various recreational activities such as ping pong and beer pong on a convertible table, engage in friendly competition on the Foosball table, groove to tunes from a retro jukebox, showcase their hula hoop skills, and indulge in delectable treats from the convenient food truck, perfect for satiating those late-night munchies. With its relaxed crowd and lively ambiance, Lustre Pearl creates an atmosphere akin to a delightful house party, making it a noteworthy addition to Austin’s vibrant nightlife scene.

A Glimpse of Lustre Pearl’s Menu

Lustre Pearl offers an enticing menu featuring a diverse selection of bottled beers and enticing drink specials. One such specialty is the White Bread, a combination of Miller Lite paired with a shot of Jager. For those seeking a bold flavor, the Black Eye combines a Shiner Bock beer with a shot of Jack Daniels. The beer options at Lustre Pearl include Pearl, Coors Original, Modelo Especial, and Tecate, providing a range of choices to suit various preferences. Additionally, the bar proudly hosts Bomb Tacos, a food truck on its premises, ensuring that patrons can fully satisfy their late-night cravings with delicious culinary delights.

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Lustre Pearl

  • Location: 94 Rainey Street
  • Phone: (512) 469-0400

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